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HoPS Club On the Move + Big Brew 2015

April's club meeting found more than 20 club members gathering at our new meeting location, Tacoma World Beer at 56th & Lawrence in South Tacoma. In January, our former meeting site, Mash Homebrew & Jason Trujillo, announced that the business might be in transition, possibly being moved and/or sold, leaving club meeting space in question. Coincidentally, ownership at Tacoma World Beer changed hands, and the new owners expressed interest in having some kind of connection with homebrewers. After some conversations about legalities and logistics, our first meeting on April 11 at Tacoma World Beer was a great success. HoPS has been given the green light to meet there as long as it is mutually agreeable.

Among the offerings brought by HoPS members were Nick Logan's Oatmeal Stout, and David Whitwell's 2014 Sparkling Cider (from last year's Cider Press), and a fantastic Hibiscus Pale Ale from a guest.

May will be a busy month for HoPS. Saturday May 2 is the AHA Big Brew, and HoPS is hosting an event at Tacoma World Beer from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Check the club calender for specifics. Anyone wanting to host their own Big Brew event, email info@hopsclub.com with your event details and we will add it to the club calender. On this same day, Tacoma World Beer plans to have their grand re-opening event, renaming the business "Edison City Ale House", with festivities all day! Rumors are that there will be a whole roasted pig!

Our regular club meeting will be on May 9 from 4:30 to 6:30 at the now-renamed Edison City Ale House. Along with the usual homebrew sampling and casual conversation, there will be an informal presentation of Cream Ales, with commercial and possibly homebrew examples available, along with style guidelines and recipes. During the business portion, we're having a "DIY Homebrew Gadget Show & Tell" - bring your favorites brew gadgets and show them off!

HoPS 5rd Annual Cider Press

Saturday 11-October-2014 was the HoPS Annual Cider Press. This event is hosted annually by Garry & Traci Lienhard at Winter Creek Farm in Castle Rock. The apple chosen this year was a past favorite, Honey Crisp. Through the help of WAHA, there were 70+ homebrewers from all over the state that helped cut, chop, and press over 8500 pounds of apples. The group started a little before 9a Saturday morning and the last apple was pressed just seven short hours later. We had a yield of about 550 gallons.

This family friendly event keeps growing every year. The kids enjoyed seeing the farm animals, playing on the hay pile, and getting tractor rides. Each year the event makes new cider lovers of all generations.

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