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JBLM Brewfest 2014

The brewfest is a joint venture between JBLM Morale Welfare & Receration and HoPS Club. The intended to help encourage interest in home brewing for non-brewers and to make connections between current brewers. This is a two part event. The first part is a homebrew competition that is a BJCP sanctioned event. As a part of the competition we also feature the Commanders Cup, an award that goes to the top active duty homebrewer. The second part is the brewfest celebration. The celebration will feature both homebrew and local microbrew tasting, food, music, and door prizes. Competition awards will be announced during the celebration. All proceedes from the brewfest will go to help support the JBLM MWR. For more information on the brewfest, please visit www.jblmmwr.com/brewfest/

HoPS 4rd Annual Cider Press

On 12-October-2013 Garry & Traci Lienhard hosted the HoPS Annual Cider Press at their home, Winter Creek Farm. Again this year, our event was open to all members of WAHA. Our apple of choice this year was Braeburn, an apple that is described as well-balanced between tart and sweet. We started the pressing activities at 9am and finished pressing all 2.5tons by 3pm! Everyone took turns, rotating from cutting the apples to running the one of the two presses. Our efficiency was even better than last year, our yield was over 300 gallons of fresh cider. This fresh cider is destined to be consumed fresh, made into hard cider, apple wine or any number of other things.


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