August 2023 – Meeting Notes

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Other Meeting Business

Have you paid your dues?  If not, please chat with Garry at the next meeting or pay via PayPal here on the website.  Family or individual memberships available.

Justin shared information on a hop survivables chart.  Reviewing a chart with this information will help brewers maximize the potential of their aroma hops during the brewing process. 

Justin followed up, giving a talk on a kegerator, its usage, and how his has been modified over time for efficiency. 


Upcoming Meetings/Events/Announcements

Slack Channel – See Garry if you’re interested or have questions on setting up or using the app.

HoPS Club members will have an in-house competition in October.  Herb/Veg/ Fruit beer or cider, seltzer, mead, etc.  Winner will get to take something home. 


News from the Shop

  • Reminder: Chris is offering the opportunity to brew with a kit provided by him (no cost to you).  This beer is to be brewed on your system, at the shop.  You will be taking it home for fermentation. 
  • When finished, samples will be made available for Chris to evaluate. Given a favorable review, he would then consider brewing the beer on his system and making it available for sale in the shop. Chris is looking for 5 gallon sample batches to be brewed.  If you’re interested, let him know and he’ll hook you up with batch ingredients.  Chris is requesting that batches are brewed on Saturdays in the shop.
  • Focus will primarily be on extract batches with some specialty grains.  There will be some all grain batches as well.