January 2023 – Meeting Notes

Member shares
Justin – Phantasm Cold IPA, Green Tea IPA
Ryan – Smoked Wheat Ale Grazier (N/A)
Kelly – Triple Berry Mead
Garry – Spruce Tip Vienna (Headless Mumby)
Paul – The Way Mead
John – Kolsch
Rick – Homemade Brie Cheese

January Meeting Event – What’s that weird taste?
Fermentation Initiative supplied their pilsner for an off-tasting kit.  All members were given two samples, one was a control, and the other had the off taste.  Each member had to try to find the sample that was off, then try to figure out why.  The sample had a very sweatsock/funk sort of aroma and tasted very unpleasant.  This was due to Isovaleric Acid which most-often means the hops used in the brew were oxidized, or it could mean there was an infection somewhere in the brewing process.  Here is an article by Craft Beer & Brewing that explains this in further detail:

Meeting Business
All members should pay dues here: https://www.hopsclub.com If you scroll to the bottom of the page, on the right-hand side is a link to select your membership and pay.  

John to write summaries of meetings to be posted to social media and the main website.
Joe will update facebook, instagram, and website.

Upcoming Meetings/Events/Announcements
March meeting: Rick will give a lesson on cheese making.

April contest: Chris, owner of Fermentation Initiative, handed out a grain bill that has to be used to create a saison-style beer:

80% Pilsen
8% Munich
8% Vienna
4% Victory

Yeast, hops, and fermentation methods are up to each participant.  Tasting and contest will take place at the April meeting.  A winner will be chosen and the prize is yet to be determined.